Vision & Mission

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Vision & Mission

Anand Agro Group look forward to making big strides in our more recent ventures, which include our Contract Broiler Farming core business and our Poultry farming & feed business.

Today, A growing economy is expected to increase consumer spending power and in turn lead to higher consumption patterns. This is likely to boost demand for our poultry Farming as well as Poultry Feed products. The Anand Agro Group is looking to leverage the potential offered by the development of the retail sector as well as the demand from hotels and restaurants.

We will also be leveraging new opportunities or need-gaps that could arise in the market in the near future. Our operating systems are powered by the strong advanced infrastructure apart from exceptionally knowledgeable & dedicated people. This fine balance between the human element and technological expertise has been our biggest strength.

"Premium quality Broiler feed for Better Performance"
Our mission is to focus on our contract Broiler Farmers delight by providing quality Broiler feed and good technical services under supervision of veterinarian Doctors. We have doing continuous improvements in all aspects of our Quality with the help of our experienced and skilled professional team. We have to become great workplace and reliable productivity of Broiler and best of best service provider.

We believe in…

• Delight of our contract Broiler farmers, suppliers and at all employees those are hard workers.
• Transparency in all processes with our internal working team and external customers.
• Continuous development and learning process for new one.
• Innovation in products and services for Better Productivity.
• Sharing of knowledge among our contract Broiler farmers and employees.
• Admiring achievements, skills and talent by rewarding broiler production teams.
• Professionalism with team work.
• Best quality for commercial Broiler poultry feed, Layer feed & Breeder Feed.

We Promise to...

• To provide appropriate and balanced nutritional solutions to customers.
• To provide consistent quality of all its products throughout the year in all climatic conditions.
• To provide technical services to farmers to enable them to run their business profitably.
• To continue and upgrade its research and development activities constantly to provide better products & technical aspects for poultry farming

In addition, we are publishing a bi-monthly technical Bulletin “ANAND WARTHA” with technical inputs, advancement in poultry farming and Knowledge to help the Farmers. The Bulletin is published in local language Marathi.

We also organize technical seminars in all our operational areas for farmers to aware them poultry related latest technical information.

Empowering costomers with products prepared with cutting edge technology

Nutritionally Balanced poultry feed for better FCR


Portrayal of “Togetherness” is the core idea behind the brand philosophy. The star is therefore a creative representation of joined hands, with each representing our core values of excellence, dedication, values, transparency, hard work and social contribution.