Our Core Field Experts

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Ramrao Gite

G.M. (Breeder)

More than 25 years of hands on management experience in broiler breeder farming operation. His excellent decision making and problem solving skills develop to challenges of constantly showing good performance. His team has implemented innovative labour saving and quality improving process preparation techniques. Management always ensures high & good quality of hatching eggs better chick’s quality by using the best management practices in the broiler breeder farming. His aims of objectives are to furnish fit for the purpose of high level management in breeder division operation with minimizes lowest cost. His deviation in farm field & hardworking shows us a good quality of chicks for our core business of contract broiler farming.

  • E-mail: ramraogite@anandagro.com

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Vikram Kandekar

Sr. Manager (Broiler)

He firmly believes in that contract broiler farming has a great potential and many folds scope of development in farming. He is a good monitoring general health of livestock and identifies the situations require controlling the safe work procedures to ensure good communication between farmers & management.

He & his team have providing good techniques for farming to the poultry farmers. These qualities of his have shown us a continuous better performance among all other branches. Along with near about 20 co- oridenator of his supervisors helps his great achievements to show the branch performance.

  • E-mail: vikramkandekar@anandagro.com

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Trilochan Dalai

SR. Manager (Broiler)

Along his control team of group works on a very stringent quality and ‘A’ grade farms performing. His team always shows us the basic strategy to high day gain with minimum mean age of broiler birds for survival in the contract broiler farming. His team believes in continuous development and learning process for new one. He always trusts on to transparent in all processes with his internal team work. He has developed himself at ground-up training and support structures scheduled by company including reward based performance management system.

  • E-mail: trilochandalai@anandagro.com

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Vishwadeep Aher

Manager (Treasury)

Economy is expected to increase consumer spending power and in turn lead to higher consumption patterns. This is likely to boost demand for our poultry Farming as well as Poultry Feed products.
Pioneering Achievements for enhancing the quality of poultry farming at grass root level. This has help to rural live hood people to improve their social & economical status in their life.

  • E-mail: vishwadeepaher@anandagro.com

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Dhaniram Joshi

Asst. Manager (Production Feed)

He is very hard worker under our company’s most popular model of maize procuring directly from farmers. Under his team work our company has reaches at very small village for convince to every farmer to sale their maize under the Anand Agro Group’s maize procurement system. Under his team last year we have procured 45,000 metric tons of maize corn. At farm level his team takes moisture % of corn and told the farmers his todays earning payments of his crop. So farmer has taken decision to send at our factory with correct price of his crop without any labour charges.

  • E-mail: dhaniramjoshi@anandagro.com

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