S & P Feeds Pvt. Ltd

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S & P Feeds Pvt. Ltd.

The Anand Agro Group began its journey with its flagship S & P FEEDS LTD., a company that emerged as the largest Poultry feeds manufacturer with the capacity 250 tons per day in the north Maharashtra Region. For the raw material storage omega company two Silos with capacity 5000 MT each has installed at company premises.

The Poultry feed market in India is on a steady upswing on account of the growth in the livestock population and consequent growth in the livestock based food industry. It’s fully automated and computerized feed milling technology and batching system, S & P Feeds Ltd. is capable of supplying Poultry nutrition in whatever required by customers in the Poultry farming sector.

We are using the latest manufacturing procedures with its produces best quality feed which are consistent from batch to batch, that’s why making the brand a popular choice among Maharashtra poultry farmers. The company is helping Broiler livestock merchants to build long-term, sustainable, profitable businesses with a complete range of poultry feed.

Anand Agro Group Fully computerized pellet Feed Mill initiatives are driven by highly qualified and experienced poultry experts including nutritionists and veterinarians. These initiatives over time have helped establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with capacity of 7000 MT for Month. As on today over 850 empowered farmers and 5000 prosperous rural household’s people reflect Anand Agro Group’s commitment to improve the social and economic status of rural Maharashtra.

Empowering costomers with products prepared with cutting edge technology

Nutritionally Balanced poultry feed for better FCR


Portrayal of “Togetherness” is the core idea behind the brand philosophy. The star is therefore a creative representation of joined hands, with each representing our core values of excellence, dedication, values, transparency, hard work and social contribution.