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Anand Agro Poultry Feeds are nutritionally balanced formulation of easily digestible energy and protein sources to provide amino acids and energy levels for different phases of growth and productions.

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Contract Broiler Farming

In Maharashtra we are one of the largest chickens producing among top ten companies. We are the biggest franchisee of ‘Vencobbs’ Broiler Breed in the Northern Maharashtra. We have the 12 to 14 Laces Contract Broiler Farming per month placement associated with 1050 farmers. We have various five branch units at northern Maharashtra, Nagar District & Mumbai Region.

These produced chicken we have supply in various state like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra over all. Almost 250 broiler traders associated with us under contract Broiler Farming directly and indirectly.

This model protects and retains the interests of both the farmer and the integrator. The popularity of this model is influenced by the fact that the integrator takes most of the risks as opposed to an independent farmer. The integrator takes full responsibility of providing day old chicks, feed, medicines and supervision to the farmers.

As on today over 1050 empowered farmers and 5000 prosperous rural household’s people reflect Anand Agro Group’s commitment to improve the social and economic status of rural Maharashtra.

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Hatching Eggs & Day Old Chicks


The Anand Agro Group hatchery has extremely stringent hygiene, quality standards well known unit with Hatching Eggs Setting capacity of 18 lakhs with producing 15 Lakhs day old chicks per month. It is well equipped with modern automatic machines.

Anand Agro is the biggest franchisee of Vencobbs Broiler Breed in the Northern Maharashtra. We have the 1 Lakhs Broiler Breeder laying capacity farms. Breeding Farms haswell-constructed at standard level as per Cobb Breeder broilers farms. All these day old chicks catered of our contract Broiler farming.

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Maize Procurement


Through the direct Maize procurement, Anand Agro Group also assures farmers fair & Same Day prices with cash payment and enormous savings by way of transparent transactions and quick payments. Anand Agro Group also indirectly adds value to rural farmers and suppliers in other ways, such as purchasing supplies and providing direct and indirect employment.

Anand Agro Group has a strong SCM (Supply-Chain Management) Division which constantly focuses on setting up direct contact with small and medium manufacturers. It works with them to bring their standard on par with international quality standards, and then sources raw materials from them. This focus ensures manufacturers get better prices for their materials for better quality of feed.

In the poultry feed industry, Maize (Indian corn) constitutes a primary poultry feed ingredient. We have own consumption @ 7000 MT poultry Feed of our Contract Broiler Farming Division during one month. Corn constitutes about 60% of the feed and hence is extremely a significant raw material.

Anand Agro Group’s Corn Procurement Division, which embarked upon an ambitious program of centralized procurement of maize started in the year 2006, has succeeded in creating an efficient, dependable and viable system in Nasik district of Kalwan, Devala (Bhaur) under APMC License and is planning an expansion into all over Nasik District in the coming season. Since Last successfully 8 years @ 8000 farmers directly sell their maize to Anand Agro Group. This system has procured about 45,000 metric tons of Corn in the last year which includes about 20,000 metric tons stored with safe and scientific preservation techniques.

We have also done contract aggrementwith a project for Public Private Partnership for Value chain development of maize in Maharashtra association with the Government of Maharashtra & Metahelix Life Sciences, a part of the TATA group of companies, is a leading seeds company,and we would invite them as the end user company, who shall be procuring the maize grain output from the farmers involved in the project.

We have imported two Silo from Spain (Symaga manufacture) with the capacity of 5000 MT each & warehouse godown capacity with 10000 MT at Bhaur Tal. Devola of Pellet Feed Mill Plant. The Flexi flex banners & wall painting & Posters has been displayed at various villages of Satana, Kalwan & Deola taluka of Nasik District to offer the price equivalent to the nearest APMC market yard price. From Next year we are planning to start Maize procurement center at Baglan, Chandwad, Malegaon, Nifad & Yeola talukas of Nasik District.

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Broiler Poultry Feed


Anand Agro Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Poultry nutrition products in Maharashtra. It is the largest producer of commercial poultry feed, along with a comprehensive range of high quality nutrient feed.

At Anand Agro Group, our specially prepared Broiler poultry feeds are based on extensive research and experiments conducted by qualified nutritionists. Fortified with nutrients our feeds support faster and uniform growth of poultry, various livestock. With the production capacity of 12 TPH. we ensure smoother supply and optimum expenditure on logistics from factory. We produce one of the best quality feeds available in the market. We are providing reliable and sustainable, quality finished poultry feeds through fully computerized automatic pellet feed milling technology,. Highest nutrient quality raw materials are used to produce the best poultry feed. We maintain hygienic, bio-secured stock points to store raw materials and finished products. Our poultry feed is lab tested at every level from production till packaging to keep a tab on its nutritional value. Strict quality control measures are followed at each point of the production stages.

Broiler feed:

Broiler Pre starter Crumble.
Broiler starter Crumble.
Broiler finisher Crumble / Pellet.
Broiler Concentrate 10%
Broiler Concentrate 40%
Broiler Premix 3.5%
Broiler Premix 2%

Layer feed:

Layer starter crumble
Layer chick crumble
Layer grower crumble
Pre Layer mash
Layer mash I
Layer mash II
Layer Concentrate 35%

Breeder Feed:

Breeder Chick Mash.
Breeder Grower Mash.
Breeder Pre Layer Mash.
Breeder Layer Mash I/ II
Breeder Male Mash

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Quality Laboratory Division


Group have a full-fledged chemical as well as microbiological laboratory for testing raw material and finished product. So that we can desire nutrition value calculation can be achieved. We have imported fully equipped NRI Machinefor feed testing with quality control laboratories attached to the feed mill for analysis of raw material and finished feed quality working around the clock to deliver the quality product.

Quality control laboratory:

Quality assurance of raw materials through sampling and testing of every bag before unloading routine screening of in process feed materials in plant through feed microbiological testing complete traceability of finished products for final certification complete analysis of poultry foods

Various Testing facility done at laboratory:

Empowering costomers with products prepared with cutting edge technology

Nutritionally Balanced poultry feed for better FCR


Portrayal of “Togetherness” is the core idea behind the brand philosophy. The star is therefore a creative representation of joined hands, with each representing our core values of excellence, dedication, values, transparency, hard work and social contribution.