Anand Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd

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Anand Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd

The Anand Agro Group hatchery has extremely stringent hygiene, quality standards well known unit. It is well equipped with modern machines.

Anand Agro Group is the biggest franchisee of Vencobbs Broiler Breed in the Northern Maharashtra. We have the 1 Lakhs Broiler Breeder Laying Capicity farms.

We have a large 20 Lakhs with setting hatching eggs with 18 Lakhs producing day old chicks per months capecity.

Empowering costomers with products prepared with cutting edge technology

Nutritionally Balanced poultry feed for better FCR


Portrayal of “Togetherness” is the core idea behind the brand philosophy. The star is therefore a creative representation of joined hands, with each representing our core values of excellence, dedication, values, transparency, hard work and social contribution.