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something about us

something about us

something about us

something about us

something about us

Something about Us

Anand Agro Group

At the very young age with gigantic and crystal clear visionary a sapling is rooted in the name of "Anand Agro" by company honorable Chairman Mr.Uddhav Ahire and honorable Director Mrs.Vaishali Uddhav Ahire in the year 1997 at their native, Kakane a small village situated near Kalwan in Nashik District.

With an important thought and self inspiration of Eco-social engineering of rural area to overcome unemployment by the provision of self employment and with enormous optimistic approach, well financial planning, well business forecasting, self disciplined, self confident nature, wide human angle towards linked employees, farmers and broiler Wholesalers, suppliers and one of, this sapling grown into a big glamorous tree, "Anand Agro" within one and half decade..

In view of provision of in house resources required for the assurance of quality and quantity we started independent broiler breeder unit of 1 lakhs of laying capacity which can fulfill our monthly requirement of 18 Lakhs of quality Hatching Eggs.

We have well maintained hatchery unit with capacity to produce 15 Lakhs of hygienic chicks

To cater these chicks we recently established 12TPH crumble/pallet feed plant which is fully automated and computerized and second Mash plant of capacity 8TPH.In addition for premix purpose we have independent premix plant of 0.5TPH where we produce quantity maintaining required quality.

To full fill requirement of major Raw material, especially maize and Soya DOC, we are erected two imported Silos from Spain with capacity of 5000MT each and 10000MT storing capacity warehouse.

Contract broiler farming is our core business and operating with 5 branch units at different districts in northern Maharashtra, Nagar District and Mumbai area. Presently we are operating 12 to 14 Lakhs of broiler farming well efficiently with established own systems with the support of efficient and well trained manpower to assure quality chicken production which is preferred by Gujarat, MP and Maharashtra broiler wholesalers.

Last financial year we achieved 200 Cr plus turnovers with the support of more than 250 direct and indirect employees, 1050 farmers and 250 broiler Wholesalers and now we are marching further in view with "together we prosper"


Company history

this is how we got started

  • 1997

    Establishment of Anand Agro Group

    Pioneering achievements for enhancing the quality of poultry farming at grass root level. Anand Agro Group has help to rural live hood people to improve their social & economical status in their life.

  • 2001

    Anand Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd

    Looking forward to making big strides in our more recent ventures, which include our Contract Broiler Farming core business and our Poultry farming & feed business.

  • 2002

    Contract Broiler Farming Division

    The integrated / contract farming model is gaining significant amount of popularity and acceptance among poultry farmers. ”Rural Development through create employment to improve the social & economic status of the rural Maharashtra".

  • 2006

    Breeder Farming Division

    Bigest Franchisee of Vencobbs Broiler breeder farm in the northern Maharashtra having the capacity of nearly one lacks breeders on laying.

  • 2010

    S & P Feeds Pvt. Ltd.

    With the production capacity of 12TPH. we ensure smoother supply of poultry feed and optimum expenditure on logistics from factory.

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Our development process


Quality Control

we have to bind to provide the quality of products and service their demands with focus on customer satisfaction.


Integrity & Commitment

We value & reward the success earned by our people. We believe in earning & keeping the trust of our clients & employees.


Leadership Attributes.

We are capable of inspiring & leading others. Our leadership’s attributes support our care values.
We put first farmers to work together with the passion for winning to drive for results.


Talent Development

By promoting our employees and development through specific programs & processes. We invest wisely in Anand Agro Group Future.


Portrayal of “Togetherness” is the core idea behind the brand philosophy. The star is therefore a creative representation of joined hands, with each representing our core values of excellence, dedication, values, transparency, hard work and social contribution.